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Member categories

Membership is organized in four different categories. Once you decide which one best describes you, then complete and submit the corresponding request form. You will receive a response from your application within a week with account details that will allow you to pay your membership fees online.
Each of the categories has its respective annual membership fee and special rights within the FPMP.

Whichever membership category you choose, there are no rebates offered: you pay the membership fees for the year, no matter when you apply and/or pay.

1. Training School

Membership is 600€ per year, or 50 per month

Your training has been approved by the FPMP Training Committee and validated by the Conseil d’Administration. With this membership as a Training, the practitioner managing the school benefits from a free annual membership.

You can use the FPMP online communications media to promote your school, your actions and your news. Your training is referenced as an FPMP approved school and you appear in the national register of the FPMP.

If your school is not FPMP authorized click here.


2. Pilates Studio

Membership is 400€ per year, or 33,33 per month

By becoming a Studio, the manager or owner of the studio benefits from free annual membership.

The FPMP recognizes studios whose managers are FPMP certified and who are committed to working primarily with teachers FPMP certified or in the process of certification. You have access to the Facebook page of the FPMP to post advertisements.

With your agreement, your studio is referenced as an FPMP Certified Pilates Studio in the FPMP National Register.


3. Practitioner

Membership is 150€ per year, or 12,50€ per month

You are part of a professional community. As such, you receive all useful information, you are invited to the annual Assemblée Générale, you have access to the FPMP certification procedure, the CQP ALS procedure (which allows you to obtain the professional card), you have access to the FPMP private group on Facebook…

If you have obtained the FPMP certification and your professional card, with your agreement, you will be referenced as PRACTICIONER in the national register.


4. Practitioner in Training

Membership is 50 per year

Your prerogatives within the FPMP are the same as those of a practitioner: participation in the annual Assemblée Générale, you receive all useful information, and after the success of your examination, you are guided to obtain FPMP Certification and CQP ALS (to obtain the professional card), you can access to the private group Facebook …

You benefit from a privileged rate taking into account the fact that you do not yet live from the teaching of the Pilates Method. This preferred rate ends on December 31 following the end date of your Pilates training. As from the 1st of January, you must join as a practitioner.



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