FPMP: Preserving and Developing the Highest Quality of the Art of Pilates 


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The FPMP regroups professional of the Pilates method practitioners certified by the FPMP, those currently in a training programme, Pilates studios, and Pilates training schools. Together, we wish to preserve and develop the highest quality of the art of Pilates. Read our code of ethics.

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Many practitioners are facing difficulties to continue practicing. If you are in this situation, contact us.

The spirit of the method

Join us in this year’s fundraising drive, Pilates For Life 2015. 100% of the proceeds go directly to Gustave Roussy, the top medical center in Europe in the fight against cancer. This year we are organizing a Solidarity Day on November 21st, when participants can propose a workshop, class, or even a whole day of classes to contribute to the fundraising effort. See the page for more details.

A film about the method was recently released, with the support of Pilates professionals in France. See the trailer of “A Movement of Movement,” by Mark Pedri.

Our objectives

In light of the rules of the Code du Sport, our aim is to promote the instruction of the Pilates method as a true professional craft. We wish to build an professional community around the method and help it thrive. We put forth the benefits of the Pilates method to the general public, highlighting the importance of the quality of instruction, that a Pilates professional has been qualified and trained specifically to teach this particular method.

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