treeJoseph Pilates taught his method in a way that was adapted to each individual client, in order to suit their needs. As a result, Pilates handed down to each a personal version of his method. After his death, some of these first-generation students developed their own versions of Pilates’ method based upon the way they were taught.

This first generation of prationers were not very inclined to collaborate and exchange on their different viewponts and techniques. As the techniques of individuals were passed down to their students, the method began to change. One branch, for example, is adapted to the work of physical therapists, while others are poorly translated to other disciplines : these splintered variations of the method are as close to Pilates as kick boxing is to yoga.

Thankfully, the second generation of practitioners are more open to sharing best practices and ultimately interested in the preservation and the roots of Pilates’ method, such as finding the optimal posture of situating the knees in certain exercises.

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